Paint stripping

The doors/furniture are stripped of paint in heated tanks containing caustic soda for 45mins at a time.

Power wash

The doors are then cleaned by power jet with fresh water to remove the caustic soda

Optional neutralisation

We also offer the option of neutralising your item.
-Sodium Hydroxide is alkaline in nature, so we recommend neutralisation in order to render your item Ph neutral.
-After neutralising we recommend a waxing service that will fully restore and protect the item.

The Drying and Sanding Process

The doors are placed in heated drying rooms with dehumidifiers until completely dry before being sanded down by hand with specialised equipment to produce a beautifully smooth surface.

Application of Wax

We wax all items by hand and using quality wax. We also offer our customers an opportunity to make their own choice of wax or oil available at DIY high street shops. By this process we deliver the perfect finish to a fully restored item.

Our Choice of Wax and Finishes:

– Danish oil
– Varnish
– Natural Wax
– Floor Sanding

Fitting and Repairs with different finishing products are also available for the Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room and all other Wooden and Metal Furniture

* All Door Handles and Hinges need to be removed before collection